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A Study on Work-Life Quality of Female Domestic Workers

Author(s) Anna George, M. Nandhini
Country India
Abstract Abstract: Domestic workers are regarded as an important source of income for millions of women worldwide. This sector has existed for centuries, as evidenced by the histories of slavery, colonialism, and other forms of servitude. In today's society, the contribution of domestic work is vital for the economy. They have become increasingly in demand around the world in recent decades. Domestic workers are not normally considered workers, and their working conditions remain unregulated. Their employment situation is considered outside the general framework of existing employment laws. This is mainly because most of the work done is generally invisible. Women domestic workers account for a large part of India's unorganized labor force. Though men do this type of work, there is a trend toward the feminization of domestic work. People from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are primarily involved in this work. The increase in the number of domestic workers in India is attributed to an increase in affluent sections' per capita income, increased female labor participation, the disintegration of joint families, and an increase in life expectancy with an increase in ill health levels. Therefore, their daily struggle for survival has yet to capture the attention of the government. Thus, this study is entitled “A Study on Work-Life Quality of Female Domestic Workers.” This helps to understand the major factors responsible for the low economic status of women domestic workers. The study will also highlight the issues and problems of these women domestic workers and various measures that can be taken for the welfare of this sector.

Key Words: Quality of Work Life, Women, and Domestic Workers.
Keywords Quality of Work Life, Women, and Domestic Workers.
Field Business Administration
Published In Volume 6, Issue 1, January-February 2024
Published On 2024-01-09
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