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Ceramic Nanocomposites Reinforced with Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) for Aerospace Engineering

Author(s) Yash Sureshchand Chaurasia
Country India
Abstract In recent years, nanotechnology has played a pivotal role in advancing aerospace engineering, addressing the ongoing demand for high-durability materials characterized by low density and superior thermo-mechanical properties. Carbon nanotube (CNT)-based composites have emerged as a prominent solution in this realm, leveraging their remarkable properties to fuel a range of multidisciplinary applications in various industries.
Carbon nanotubes, consisting of rolled-up carbon sheets at the nanoscale, exhibit exceptional thermal and mechanical characteristics at a reduced density. This makes them an ideal choice for reinforcing composites in aerospace applications. The high Young's modulus and chemically inert nature of CNTs position them at the forefront of material research, spanning applications from water purification to aerospace technologies, with the latter remaining particularly enigmatic.
Despite the extensive research on CNT-based materials, there is a notable scarcity of studies focusing on their application in aerospace engineering. This review aims to fill this gap by comprehensively exploring the processing and synthesis techniques, thermal and mechanical properties, and select industrial applications of CNT-reinforced ceramic composites. Additionally, the review sheds light on potential advancements in additive manufacturing techniques for fabricating CNT/ceramic composites and their prospective applications within the aerospace industry.
Keywords Nanotechnology, Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), Ceramic nanocomposites, Aerospace applications, Engineering materials, Additive manufacturing, Composite fabrication, Nanomaterial synthesis
Field Engineering
Published In Volume 6, Issue 1, January-February 2024
Published On 2024-01-20
Cite This Ceramic Nanocomposites Reinforced with Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) for Aerospace Engineering - Yash Sureshchand Chaurasia - IJFMR Volume 6, Issue 1, January-February 2024. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2024.v06i01.12212
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