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Prospects and Problems of Inclusive Education in India

Author(s) Abha Kumari
Country India
According to inclusive education, all students will participate in mainstream education, regardless of their abilities and weaknesses. The Sargent Report from 1944 and the Kothari Commission from 1964 both recommended that children with disabilities attend regular educational institutions. The purpose of inclusive education is to make the educational system stronger in its capacity of reaching every student. It attempts to meet every child's educational requirement, with a particular emphasis towards those who are particularly at risk of marginalization and exclusion. In order to adapt to the diversity of children in the region that is impacted, it entails reorganizing the culture, policies, and practices in schools. Through inclusive education, a sense of community is fostered among educators, learners, and other community members. Throughout the world today, 120 million kids do not attend primary school. According to World Bank-cited MHRD figures, there are an estimated 30 million children in India who are not attending school. Many of these children are marginalized due to factors including caste, poverty, gender, and disability.
Various programmes in education have been launched in an attempt to involve these formerly marginalized kids, but people with impairments are frequently overlooked, reflecting their unseen status in a strongly segmented society. Inclusive education emphasizes how children with special needs can be included into a comprehensive platform without experiencing any type of exclusion. We must consider and include children with special needs in regular classrooms if we are to achieve truly inclusive education. Inclusive education is a binding and priority for government of India. But there are a number of barriers and difficulties that need to be overcome in India if inclusive education is to be successful. The primary objective of this article is to highlight the prospects and difficulties related to inclusive education in India.
Keywords Keywords: Inclusive education, disabilities, educational marginalization, impairments
Published In Volume 6, Issue 1, January-February 2024
Published On 2024-01-30
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