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Kala Ani Lalitkala

Country India
Abstract The skills acquired by man at different stages of his evolution to make his life comfortable are called arts. Arts were related to human survival. E.g. Carpentry, Pottery, Blacksmithing, Sewing, Masonry, Cooking etc. The settled man gave more precision to the arts and created beauty in them. Hence the birth of fine arts. Fine arts are not related to living. Their purpose is to create beauty. Fine arts give beauty to human senses. From that, their visual, auditory and mental forms are formed.
Keywords Art, Drama, Literature
Field Arts
Published In Volume 6, Issue 1, January-February 2024
Published On 2024-01-27
Cite This Kala Ani Lalitkala - ANIL GOVARDHAN PAWAL - IJFMR Volume 6, Issue 1, January-February 2024. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2024.v06i01.12559
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