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Looking Back on the Technique of Crime Investigation

Author(s) Dilip Kr. Goswami
Country India
Abstract Committing crime is not new for the human society . Since creation some individuals committed some activities against the established social customs and caused disharmony and indiscipline . These acts were in the form of causing loss of name , fame , property or life of individual . Individuals , by virtue of their character or being inspired by some other wicked persons caused harm even to the life of some socially reputed / important persons . Kings , socially reputed persons were the common victims of such conspiracy . It was not uncommon for the kings to be the target of enemy king and face conspiracy to cause harm to his life . For all such situations initially the society did investigation and punished the guilty one . Later on the administrators (kings) developed a system for the purpose and now-a-days a very sophisticated , organized system is working with assistance of some ultramodern techniques and equipments in the field of crime investigation which is facilitating the judiciary to work more efficiently .
Toxicology (Agadatantra as given the nomenclature in Ayurvedic classics) is related with the discussion on use of poisons basically aimed to cause harm to the others . Charaka Samhita and Susruta Samhita being the basic classics of Ayurveda discuss in detail about poisons in different references . Initiating the discussion they stressed on the danger to the life of the kings from poison givers , cautions to be taken to prevent such efforts and also the methods to be opted to identify such people .
A study and discussion on the crime investigation procedures discussed in the mentioned classics can be considered as an important work to understand the depth of knowledge and observations of the 2 eminent Ayurvedic scholars viz. Charaka and Susruta .
Keywords crime , disharmony , conspiracy, Toxicology , poison givers
Field Sociology > Intelligence / Security
Published In Volume 6, Issue 1, January-February 2024
Published On 2024-02-04
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