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The Economy of Poverty-stricken Countries is Largely Dependent on the Economic Development of the United States

Author(s) Md Omar Faruque, Sadia Sharmin, Saddam Nasir Chowdhury, Tughlok Talukder, Mohammad Abu Sufian
Country United States
Abstract This case study investigates the multifaceted relationship between poverty-stricken countries and the economic development of the United States. At its middle, the survey hopes to see the value in how much nations grappling with poverty rely upon the money related prosperity and techniques of the US to help and move their own monetary conditions. The investigation spreads out against the setting of a globalized economy, where interconnectedness is a fundamental quality.
The assessment uses a mixed techniques approach, solidifying quantitative examination and emotional encounters. On the quantitative front, the survey explores financial markers all through a specific time span to notice examples and models. At the same time, abstract evaluations are made through all around interviews with key accomplices, including policymakers, monetary investigators, and specialists from desperation stricken countries. This twofold method framework means to give a thorough cognizance of the various parts of the financial relationship under a magnifying instrument.
The disclosures uncover a huge association between's the monetary bearing of the US and the thriving of dejection stricken nations. The audit recognizes fundamental variables like monetary agreements, new aide courses of action, and overall monetary components that basically influence this dependence. Furthermore, it reveals information into the inadequacies and impels looked by these countries because of their dependence on the cash related tirelessness of the US.
In sensible terms, this assessment holds relevance for policymakers, monetary well-informed authorities, and by and large affiliations. It incorporates the principal for disheartening stricken countries to confine their money related frameworks, thusly decreasing their shortcoming to external monetary shocks. The outline sets commonsense outcomes that can prepare the improvement concerning versatile strategies, organizing nations toward certifiable money related progress that is less reliant upon the monetary sufficiency of a singular country.
No matter what its liabilities, the clever appraisal sees unequivocal impediments. It highlights the unpredictability of money related affiliations, seeing that the evaluation, while broad, may not get the phenomenal nuances of individual country experiences. The rapidly creating commonly money related circumstance gives burdens in expecting broadened length considerations full affirmation.
According to a social point of view, the coherent assessment snares the existences of people in destitution stricken nations. Cash related approaches and choices made by the US give fundamental weight in outlining the everyday certifiable components of those living in these countries. Understanding these parts becomes indispensable for enabling in general participation and chasing after fair money related new turn of events.
To the extent that development and worth, the context oriented examination stays as a significant obligation to the ongoing composition. By offering a comprehensive assessment of monetary circumstances, it gives a foundation to extra ask for and technique improvement in the space of overall financial unevenness. The encounters got from this assessment are instrumental for scholastics, policymakers, and overall components attempting to investigate the complexities of a globalized financial scene with an eye toward empowering sensible and fair turn of events.
Keywords Economic ,Methodology, Foreign Aid ,Development Assistance ,Implications, Social Welfare.
Field Business Administration
Published In Volume 6, Issue 1, January-February 2024
Published On 2024-02-07
Cite This The Economy of Poverty-stricken Countries is Largely Dependent on the Economic Development of the United States - Md Omar Faruque, Sadia Sharmin, Saddam Nasir Chowdhury, Tughlok Talukder, Mohammad Abu Sufian - IJFMR Volume 6, Issue 1, January-February 2024. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2024.v06i01.13100
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