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A Study of Mental Health of B. Ed and M. Ed Students

Author(s) Jagsir Singh
Country India
Abstract Health and fitness are a matter of concern for all.While so much is written,studied and said about physical health,it is felt that mental health and psychological well being require equal attention. Here it needs to be understood that pupil teachers,who are being groomed to be teachers in schools, shall be taking up the responsibility of teaching students once they start working .Besides academic inputs and guidance, personality development of students,their vocational choices,attitude towards work and society,adjustment in roles,happiness and positive self concept and many such traits are shaped and influenced by teachers. Thus the pupil teachers need to be in a state of good mental health and psychological well being. For this purpose ,variables such as gender,stream, locality, economical status and society were taken. The aim was to study the impact of the mentioned variables on the mental health of the pupil teachers. Results revealed no significant impact of the variables upon mental health.Also it was seen that the pupil teachers seemed aware of the need for mental health. However , the need was felt for a positive outlook regarding mental health on the part of the attached agencies namely institutes, staff, society, government etc. Key Words: Health, Mental, Psychological well being, Pupil teacher, M.Ed and B.Ed students .
Field Sociology > Education
Published In Volume 5, Issue 3, May-June 2023
Published On 2023-05-23
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