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Bhangarh Fort : India of to All Scary Castle

Author(s) Mr. Abhimannu Saini, Mr. Amit Kumar Mishra, Mr. khemchand Bairawa, Mr. Bal Krishna Saini
Country India
Abstract Alwar districts In Located Bhangarh fort , past Era Of One Mysterious Proof Is. 17th _ Century In Madho Lion First By Our small son Value Lion First Of For Established it Castle architecture Skill And historical Importance Of One interesting mixture contain happened Is. it research Bhangarh fort Of versatile History But Light puts is , in which his establishment , chief historical Incidents , Abandonments , Folktales And India In To all haunted places In From One to be of Prestige Involved Is. fort of architecture of Properties Its manufacturers of strategic foresight To reflects are , its formidable walls And Complex structures One Time regional Politics And battles In Role fulfills Were. However , the fort Of Ruins In transformed Happen And His after abandonment Its Description In Mystery of layers connects Is. his walls Of within happened various historical events of Search From This Area To size to give the one Power And cultural effects Of Changing tide But Light falls Is. One haunted venue Of Form In Bhangarh fort of notoriety local folklore And legends From attached Hui Is. These stories , often Mystery In drowned hui , fort of haunted Prestige In Contribution does yes , curious visitors And Extraordinary Enthusiastic Both To Attract does Are. it research fort Of cultural Effect But Too Light puts yes , local traditions In his Role And historical Protection And Tourism From Yield challenges Of between Critical balance of Test does Is. archaeological Excavation From artefacts And structures Of Address walked Is Who Bhangarh fort Of Prosperous History of Glimpse Present Do are , and Its East residents Of Life Of about In valuable insight provide Do Are. Own haunted image Of Despite , the fort cultural Heritage And Protection efforts Of Center point made Happened Is. Ending in , Bhangarh Castle One captivating historical And cultural Unit Of Form In Stand yes , its walls past of a whisper To reflect does Are. As That Modern Protection Attempt Our Extraordinary Attraction From Attract tourists of Inflow Of management Do happened historical integrity To make to keep of Duality From Struggling are Hain , fort One captivating Subject made Happened is , which History of layers In Investigation And contemplation To invited does Is Who Its Existence To defined Do Are.
Keywords Bhangarh fort Of versatile history , historical incidents , abandonment , folklore , archaeological Excavation From artwork And structure , haunted image
Field Sociology > Tourism / Transport
Published In Volume 6, Issue 2, March-April 2024
Published On 2024-03-18
Cite This Bhangarh Fort : India of to All Scary Castle - Mr. Abhimannu Saini, Mr. Amit Kumar Mishra, Mr. khemchand Bairawa, Mr. Bal Krishna Saini - IJFMR Volume 6, Issue 2, March-April 2024. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2024.v06i02.14147
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