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Internship in Relation to Humanities and Languages

Author(s) Dr.Rakeshkumar R.Patel
Country India
Abstract Abstract
The place of 'humanities' is very important for the overall development of human beings, because these sciences are the scriptural system related to the life of human beings. Which we also known as 'humanities'. Humanities may be different from technical and science subjects. But there is no loss of inner science or knowledge in it. For example, whether it is linguistics or psychology or sociology, all include the science of that subject.
Languages also have the potential to entertain the medical and intellectual entertainment of the human mind. On the one hand, through languages, creators create literature by accepting mediums such as story, novel and poetry. In addition, there is scope for creativity, innovation and improvements according to time and country in literature.
Very important subjects such as sociology, geography, economics or psychology create content and knowledge in relation to human existence and development. No subject is above the needs and responsibilities of the hour. Just as one has to fulfil one's social and worldly needs. In the same way, not every subject and scripture can take up subject-appropriate and incidental matters.
Keywords Internship, Humanities, Languages, Developing new skill, Examples of Humanities, Stepping stone to employment
Field Sociology > Education
Published In Volume 6, Issue 2, March-April 2024
Published On 2024-03-05
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