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Dysphagia Intervention in Patient with Diffusion Axon Injury with Bilateral Frontal Lobe Contusion: A Case Report

Author(s) Vijay Lazarus, Ambethkar Surpent
Country India
Abstract Introduction: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause of chronic neurologic disability. Damage often affects the frontal lobes, and thus the most frequent cognitive sequelae are deficits in the prefrontal cortex (PFC)-dependent functions, such as attention, working memory, social behavior, mental flexibility, and task switching.
Objective: The goal of this case report is to highlight the assessment and intervention of the dysphagia program.
Case Report: The patient was diagnosed with diffuse axonal injury with bilateral frontal lobe contusion. The patient is receiving care in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) unit, where they are undergoing physiotherapy occupational therapy, and speech therapy.
Results: Speech Assessment revealed deviated voice and resonance characteristics with Substitution & Distortion of speech sounds. Swallowing assessment revealed Oro-pharyngeal Dysphagia. The patient was also undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation-therapy. Recommendations for further follow-ups for speech & swallowing therapy and other medical management were made.
Conclusion: This study is useful in creating evidence regarding the assessment & rehabilitation of Speech and swallowing in patients undergoing hemi-glossectomy. It also emphasizes the input from other medical professionals as an interdisciplinary team member.
Keywords Oral cancer, Glossectomy, Voice, Resonance, Articulation, Swallowing
Field Medical / Pharmacy
Published In Volume 6, Issue 2, March-April 2024
Published On 2024-03-05
Cite This Dysphagia Intervention in Patient with Diffusion Axon Injury with Bilateral Frontal Lobe Contusion: A Case Report - Vijay Lazarus, Ambethkar Surpent - IJFMR Volume 6, Issue 2, March-April 2024. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2024.v06i02.14654
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