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Healthy Living: Ayurvedic Approaches to Prevention and Wellness

Author(s) Akhilesh Kumar Verma
Country India
Abstract Ayurveda, an ancient life science, has long been hailed as an effective tool in healthcare, emphasizing prevention over cure. Within its treatises, Ayurveda introduces unique concepts like Janapadodhwamsa, which denotes the destruction or annihilation of communities. This concept is known by different names across various texts: Acharya Charaka termed it Janapadodhwamsa, Acharya Sushruta referred to it as Maraka, and Acharya Bhela called it Janamaar. Central to this concept are four factors essential for all living beings: Vayu (air), Jala (water), Desha (land), and Kaala (season). Among these, Kaala (season) holds significant importance and any abnormal alteration in these factors can greatly impact individuals, communities, or environments. Janapadodhwamsa is attributed to the vitiation of these common factors, with Adharma (immorality) cited as its primary cause, rooted in Pragyaparadha (delinquency of wisdom).
Recognizing the significance of Janapadodhwamsa, Ayurvedic texts, particularly CharakaSamhita, devote entire chapters to delineating its onset, causes, distinct features, and management. These texts elaborate on its causative agents and prescribe methods of prevention. To address Janapadodhvamsa, Ayurveda recommends the utilization of Rasayana therapy, Panchkarama procedures, SadvritPaalan (observance of righteous conduct), and Aachara Rasayana (behavioral therapy) as part of its management strategy.
Keywords Ayurveda,Janapadodhwamsa,immunity,vyadhikshamatwa,prevention,wellness
Field Medical / Pharmacy
Published In Volume 3, Issue 6, November-December 2021
Published On 2021-12-26
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