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Educational and Industrial policies of Kamaraj - A Study

Author(s) Dr. M. Sivakumar
Abstract Kamaraj was an extraordinary leader who rose from the ranks of poor and lowly in the distant and remote village Virudupatti in Virudunagar District to the exalted position of King Maker in the complex web of political atmosphere in the country. By his integrity, forthrightness and hard work with simplicity he raised to such status. Being a dynamic organizational Chief Minister, he concentrated on various developments which made his period a golden era of Tamilnadu. He saw to it that every village with a population of around 1000 people to have a school. He laid roads to the remotest areas to be linked with nearby towns so that the village people can merchandise their produce in nearby towns and earns more income in city markets. He brought electricity to almost all villages in Tamilnadu was responsible for opening industrial estates all around. From his cabinet colleagues and bureaucrats he never demands personal loyalty but a commitment to the public cause. Kamaraj made the Tamilnadu State administration a model one for all the statesespecially by his Educational and Industrial policies. This paper focuses on thosevery positive highly progressive ideas which brighten the lives of the rural people.
Keywords Early life of Kamaraj, Rural development of Kamaraj period, Educational policy of kamaraj
Field Sociology > Education
Published In Volume 1, Issue 2, September-October 2019
Published On 2019-09-08
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