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Role of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation

Author(s) Nitin Kumar Gupta, Sweksha Bhaduria
Country India
Abstract Forensic science is the most important aspect of criminal investigation as it allows authorities to identify suspects and also helps determine when and how a crime was committed. The word "forensic science" means "about law" and logically forensic science involves the use of scientific methods for legal investigations. It helps to establish perfect evidence in law regarding the guilt of the accused.

The definition of forensic science is very broad because it includes DNA analysis, fingerprints, autopsy, pathology, toxicology and many other things that help determine the cause of death and incriminate people.

In addition, forensic evidence is a subject in accordance with the provisions of Indian law. Its mission is to guide criminal investigators and provide accurate information to judges so that they can have full confidence in making decisions about crimes and conflicts. Forensic science is an excellent branch of science that has been used in criminal and civil investigations in recent years. Fingerprint analysis, DNA analysis, bombs and explosives, firearms, etc. It contains all the famous scientific methods such as.
Keywords Forensic science, fingerprint analysis, firearms, Forensic evidence, autopsies
Published In Volume 6, Issue 2, March-April 2024
Published On 2024-03-23
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