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A Research to Examine the Stress Level and Coping Means Applied by Family Members of Patients With Cancer

Author(s) Yogesh Kumar C
Country India
Abstract One of the main causes of illness and disability worldwide nowadays is cancer. Both first and the second most common cause of mortality in the developed world are cancer-related illnesses. Individuals with a cancer diagnosis constitute a valuable subset within our society. Cancer's effects extend beyond the individual to include family and the community. The stress that caregivers go through is much the same as what cancer patients go through. As they accompany the patients on this journey, the family members are also adjusting to new roles and dealing with personal difficulties that may or may not be connected to the patient's condition. The health of the caregiver is impacted by stress while providing care. The study showed that 34(56.67%) of the samples were female, 23(38.33%) of the samples were in the age group of 29-38years, 49(81.66%) of the samples were married, Spouse were the care takers of cancer patients 25(41.66%), More than half of the caregivers caring the cancer patients for 3-12 months 35(58.33%). Moderate stress was experienced by 49(81.7%)of caregivers and 11(18.3%) of caregivers were experienced severe stress. 35(58.3%) of the caregivers used Adaptive coping strategy and 25 (41.6%) of them used Maladaptive coping strategy. Study concludes that 82% of the caregivers were having moderate stress and majority of the caregivers were using adaptive coping strategies to deal their stress.
Keywords Stress, Coping Strategy, Caregivers, Cancer.
Field Medical / Pharmacy
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-07
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