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The Health Arab Tourists’ Satisfaction Level of Services Provided: A Cross-sectional Study in Bangalore-Cross Sectional Study

Author(s) Ammar Derhem Mohammed Almaghrebi, Dr. U Bhojanna
Country India
Abstract Introduction: An indication of the quality of medical treatment is how satisfied patients are with the services received. Patient satisfaction is determined by how well they feel their care met their expectations. This survey was conducted in 2023 to assess how satisfied health tourists were with the services received from Bangalore Multispecialty hospitals.
Method: It is a cross-sectional study was conducted from 21-3–2023 to 26-1-2023 at Multispecialty
Hospital in Bangalore. : In this a cross-sectional study, 400 253 (63.2%) men and 147 (36.8%) women, the data collection instrument is a semi-structured questionnaire in this study. The respondents of this study are Arab tourists who received inpatient and outpatient services at least one day at hospitals. The hospitals were selected purposively but the potential respondents were chosen conveniently. These procedures ensure the researchers access a sufficient number of potential respondents from the hospitals for this study. Researchers of this study approached the respondents and requested they participate in this survey. The researchers informed participants that the information would be utilized only for research purposes and their support was anonymous and voluntary. The questionnaire has 56 general and specific items. Each of the specific items is scaled on five points; Very Good, Good, Moderate, Poor and very poor. In order to analyze the data both descriptive and inferential statistics were used
Patient satisfaction and surgical outcomes were the main outcome measures.
Results: 400 participants were included in the study (63.2% male and 36.85% Female). 79 of the surgeries were Neurosurgeries cases (19.8%) compared to 75 Oncology cases (18.8%).
Regarding patient satisfaction, 96.8% of the patients regarding the quality of care. 66 % were satisfied with the hospital privacy and confidentiality measures.
Conclusion: All of the Analyzed domains had excellent patient satisfaction rates, little problems, and successful surgical results in general. There is few things make patients unsatisfied like the waiting time for consultation so long, the method of payment in some hospital that there is limitation for cash payment ,and the language barrier the important factor play the major role.
Keywords Medical tourist, Medical Tourism, Patient’s satisfaction, Bangalore, Health Service’s, , Surgeries
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-26
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