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Cumulative Study and Development of Obstacle Alert and Assistance Device for Visually Impaired People Using Machine Learning

Author(s) Mr. Aarush Varma, Dr. Mohan Kshirsagar
Country India
Abstract Navigating the world as a visually impaired person presents unique challenges, particularly when detecting and avoiding obstacles along with reaching the desired destination. The traditional methods for aiding visually impaired
individuals, such as canes or guide dogs, provide limited information about the environment. To address these limitations, we have developed an innovative Obstacle Alert and Assistance System specifically designed for the visually impaired. This device uses Ultrasonic sensors to detect Distance data of the obstacles in the user's path and provide real-time feedback through auditory signals. Along with that we have integrated an HD night vision camera to explain live scenarios based on the real world. Our device utilizes a combination of ultrasonic, camera sensors along with a Smartly trained AI algorithm to accurately identify and brief about potential hazards in various environments, ranging from urban settings to natural landscapes. The device is also equipped with a GPS module to assist with navigation, offering directions and alerts about upcoming obstacles. One of the key advantages of our device is its wearability and ease of use. It is designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive, allowing users to wear it comfortably for extended periods.
Furthermore, it connects wirelessly to a smartphone app, enabling users to customize settings according to their preferences and needs. Extensive testing has shown that our device significantly enhances the mobility and safety of
visually impaired individuals, allowing them to navigate unfamiliar environments with greater confidence and independence. This research presents a breakthrough in assistive technology for the visually impaired and offers insights
into the potential of sensor-based AI systems in enhancing human capabilities. Our device is poised to revolutionize assistive technology, providing a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly solution for millions of visually impaired people worldwide.
Alongside this device can be helpful for dumb and deaf personals because this can be customized for specific ability people enabling it is more versatile and comfortable.
Keywords Blind Glasses, Electronic Travel Aids, AI in Assistive Technology, Navigation Aids for the Blind, Visual Impairment, Obstacle Detection, Accessibility Devices
Field Computer > Artificial Intelligence / Simulation / Virtual Reality
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-14
Cite This Cumulative Study and Development of Obstacle Alert and Assistance Device for Visually Impaired People Using Machine Learning - Mr. Aarush Varma, Dr. Mohan Kshirsagar - IJFMR Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2024.v06i03.19993
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