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Factors Influencing Suicidal Behavior among the College Students

Country India
Abstract ABSTRACT: Worldwide, suicide is among the top five causes of mortality in the 15-to-29-year age group. In many countries it ranks first or second as a cause of death among both boys and girls in this age group. Suicide prevention among children and adolescents is therefore a high priority. Given the fact that in many countries and 3 regions most people in this age group attend school, this appears to be an excellent place to develop appropriate preventive action. Also, nowadays suicidal behavior becomes common in adolescents and number of suicidal cases and suicidal attempts increasing gradually. Usually, action is taken always after the incidents but there is less attention given towards preventive measures and finding the exact cause to decrease prevalence of suicidal behavior in adolescent
OBJECTIVES: This study aimed at to assess the factors influencing suicidal behavior among college students
METHODOLOGY: The research design was descriptive Survey design using descriptive analysis and purposive sampling technique was used to select 30 adolescents who met the inclusion criteria. The data was collected by using questionnaire method.
RESULTS: From the data analysis, majority of sample shown inadequate factors, in regard to Socio Economic Factor, 26.66% students have trouble with their colleagues, 23.33% students have break up with their close friend, 20% students have said that they feel socially isolated, 13.33% students have cultural or religious belief that suicide is a noble resolution of personal dilemma, 0.00% students have believed that there is no easy access to any lethal means of suicide, 26.66% student’s friend’s committed suicide, 13.33% students have influenced by the media about suicidal behaviour, 20% students have peer group pressure or self-destructive peer acceptance, 16.66% students have suffered from rejection or provocative behaviour from college mates, 33.33% students have long term financial crisis and 26.66% students feel like taking revenge on someone. In Relation to Psychological Factors, 3.33% students have been diagnosed previously with a mental disorder, 3.33% students have been attempted for suicide earlier, 6.66% students have continuous thoughts of committing suicide, 23.33% students have low self esteem, 26.66% students confessed that have feeling of hopelessness and guilt, 10% students are addicted to alcohol and drugs, 36.66% students have feeling of loneliness and 23.33% have lack of social support. In regard to Family Factors, 6.66% students have continuous quarrel between the members of their family, 16.66% students are suffering from physical/emotional abuse in their family, 26.66% student family members have committed suicide, 20% students face poor communication their family, 16.66% have frequent quarrel with their parents, 43.33% students have confessed that their parents have very high expectation from them, 20% students have excessive authority from their parents and13.33% students have been neglected by their parents. In relation to Physical Factors, 6.66% students are suffering from serious physical illness, 0.00% students are handicapped, 6.66% students are suffering from chronic pain,16.66% students have physical fights with their friends,0.00% students are a victim of sexual abuse and 60% students are satisfied with their present body image. In relation to Academic Factors, 30% students have fear about their college life, 26.66% students have poor coping abilities during stress, 50% students feel excessive burden of exams, 16.66% students worried about poor academic performance, 40% students have lack of confidence in their studies, 6.66% students are a case of academic failure, 10% students are a victim of corporal punishment and 6.66% students are a victim of bullying. In regard with Major Life Events, 10% students have suffered from parental loss, 20% students have suffered from loss of closed one, 16.66% students have problem of love failure and 23.33% students have involved in antisocial
Keywords Factors, Suicidal Behavior, College Students
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-17
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