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Public Health: Policy, Law and Right

Author(s) Anita Choudhary
Country India
Abstract Public health, as delineated in legal parlance, emanates as the discipline devoted to safeguarding the collective well-being, enhancing community health through educational initiatives, policy formulation, and diligent research aimed at injury prevention. Characterizations of public health may vary contingent upon individual perspectives. Practitioners within the realm of public health facilitate global engagement, addressing communal health challenges comprehensively, and wielding influence over policies shaping societal health. Public health law, in turn, constitutes the systematic study of governmental authority and obligations pertaining to the maintenance of conditions conducive to public health, while also delineating constraints on state power vis-à-vis fundamental rights such as
privacy, liberty, and other legally safeguarded interests of individuals. This legal framework regulates the operational ambit of public health endeavors.
Integral to the multifaceted domain of public health are an array of disciplines including biology, education, sociology, business, and others, each contributing distinctively to its overarching objectives. The imperative for bolstering public health infrastructure becomes conspicuous amidst a workforce deficit juxtaposed against a burgeoning populace within the United States. Notably, one-third of the requisite workforce remains unfilled, jeopardizing the capacity to identify, mitigate, and forestall emergent public health exigencies. The raison d'être of public health lies in its mission to foster and safeguard the populace's well-being. Whereas medical practitioners focus on remedial interventions for the ailing, public health practitioners’ endeavour to preclude afflictions and injuries proactively, thereby espousing a paradigm of wellness promotion through advocacy for healthy behaviours.
Field Sociology > Health
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-16
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