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Women as an Active Agent of Food Security-Issues and Challenges

Author(s) Surabi Dutta
Country India
Abstract Achieving food security and eliminating hunger and poverty within 2030 as aimed in Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) necessitates the active role of women, which constitutes 48.41% (Census,2022) of the total population of India. The role of this active agent of society is undermined by prevailing gender discrimination and inequalities. In this backdrop, the present study is designed as follows-
Purpose: (i) To analyse the critical role of women in achieving food security
(ii) To identify the constraints of gender equality and
(iii) To generate priority interventions for gender equality and women
Methodology: In this secondary analysis of cross-sectional data, we used data from different international and national reports like NFHS, Agricultural Census Reports, reports of FAO and UNDP etc. The critical role of women is analysed with the help of available descriptive statistics.
Results: The existing 16.3% of undernourished people in India (Global Food Insecurity Index,2022) invariably necessitates empowering women with equal rights and opportunities as men. There is a need for proactive interventions to minimize the 48% empowerment deficit (Women Empowerment Index) and 44% (GGPI) gender gap in the country.
Limitations: The women groups considered in different research and reports vary in age groups, which limits the comparison of data.
Originality: The constraints women face in attaining food security are based on their functions as producers, consumers and distributors of the food chain, expected to provide a basis for further research in this regard.
Keywords Keywords: Rights, Food Security, Women Empowerment, Gender
Field Sociology > Economics
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-17
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