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Stress Condition, Work Engagement and Service Performance in Pnp Personnel: a Multiple Regression

Country Philippines
Abstract This study investigated the status and the relationships stress condition, work engagement, and service performance of PNP personnel. Adapted questionnaires were administered among the 274 PNP personnel in Sarangani Province, Region XII as respondents of the study utilizing a stratified sampling technique, wherein only the available officers inside Sarangani Province Police Stations, and the data gathered were treated utilizing statistical tools such as Mean, Pearson r and Multiple Regressions. Data was collected face-to-face, considering the lenient interaction about health protocols. The result of the study manifested that the stress condition of the PNP personnel is low, indicating that they either do not experience them or ignore them; work engagement was very high, showing that the PNP personnel were devoted to their task as law enforcers; service performance was very high manifesting that as law enforcers, the PNP personnel exerted effort to provide quality service. There was a negative correlation between stress conditions and service performance among PNP personnel, while a positive correlation was observed between work engagement and service performance. Work engagement was the only vital variable influencing service performance of the two independent variables. Regarding sustainable development goals, the PNP's performance will be its contribution to fair justice in society (SDG 16). At the same time, the younger generation will look up to these PNP officers as their model in getting educated in law enforcement (SDG 4) and enforcing the law with justice.
Keywords Criminal justice, stress condition, work engagement, service performance, PNP personnel, Philippines
Field Sociology > Administration / Law / Management
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-19
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