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Race, Ethnicity and Nationality in Sociology

Author(s) Suman kumari Jakhar
Country India
Abstract Abstract It aims to understand what makes people similar to others, different from some, and unique to themselves. However, there is room for research in personality to more thoughtfully consider culture, race, and ethnicity in order to better understand individual differences in people’s patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. High impact personality journals rarely include such factors into the interpretation of results, and cross-cultural and ethnic minority publications are limited within the discipline. non-exhaustive overview of how culture, race, and ethnicity are examined in relation to personality, showing that: (1) social structures continue to be neglected in the research, (2) we can learn from research being conducted in neighboring areas, and (3) valuable work is already being done within personality psychology.
We offer recommendations that emphasize community based participatory research methods, combined etic-emic approaches, and contextualizing research findings to improve the consideration of culture, race, and ethnicity in personality research. It is argued that the connection between race and ethnic categories is more fundamental, and yet the connection between fighting racism and ethnic pluralism is more problematic than this position implies. Ethnicity and racism are different but connected discourses for articulating collectivity and belongingness, and serve diverse political projects which include those of class and nation building. Their understanding as concrete social relations however, requires attending to gender and class processes and the state., and national identities are salient uniting but also stratifying forces in people’s lives and across societies. and attitudes toward immigration and political trust among different racial and ethnic groups. how and why social inequalities are structured and sustained between different groups in education, work, health, and resource distribution, among other realms of life. as well as Reflecting on the idea of “Race” and the normative significance of race relations is an essential part of the enterprise of political philosophy. The principal goal is to think systematically about whether, and if so how, race should figure in our evaluation of institutional arrangements and power relations, in our treatment of each other within civil society, and in our self-conceptions and group affiliations. This article discusses the idea of race, racism, racial discrimination and social justice, responding to racial injustice, and racial identity and community.
The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) has also made important contributions to this literature and its application to development studies. First, theoretical effort is required to unpack how ethnicity intersects with other forms of identity. Second, as demonstrated by IDS' contributions, further research is required on the impacts of ethnicity upon development and vice versa. the argument that philosophy is limited and cannot carry out a constructive task that goes beyond that of other disciplines of learning; and whether a metaphysics of race and ethnicity in particular is a descriptive or prescriptive enterprise. Finally, he considers an effective set of conditions for race, ethnicity, and nationality.
Keywords Keywords race, philosophy, ethnicity, nationalitySurviving Race, metaphysics racism, racial discrimination, social justice, racial injustice, racial identity, race relations , nationality and ethnicity talk; folk theory of race; stereotype
Field Sociology
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-19
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