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Mathematics Vocabulary and Problem-solving Skills of Grade 4 Pupils in Narvacan North District

Author(s) Desiree Cabotage
Country Philippines
Abstract This study assessed the levels of mathematics vocabulary and problem-solving skills among Grade IV learners in public elementary schools in Narvacan North District. The primary aim is to assess how well students understand and use mathematical terminology and their ability to apply this knowledge to solve mathematical problems. The research involved a sample of 366 Grade IV students, utilizing validated tests and problem-solving assessments to gather the needed data.
Results indicate that moderate grasp of mathematical terms, there is notable variability and room for improvement. Furthermore, parents' educational attainment and learners' vocabulary levels are significantly related implying that higher parental education is modestly associated with better vocabulary outcomes. In terms of problem-solving skills, the findings show that learners also demonstrate moderate proficiency. Importantly, the analysis reveals that demographic factors such as age, and gender, and significantly related to problem-solving abilities, indicating that these skills are influenced more by other factors.
The study concludes that enhancing instructional strategies and providing targeted support can significantly improve both vocabulary and problem-solving skills. Engaging parents in their children's education and offering additional resources can further bolster these efforts. Future research should explore other influential factors and effective interventions to support the mathematical development of Grade IV learners, thereby laying a stronger foundation for their continued academic success.
Keywords Mathematics vocabulary, problem-solving, Polya
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-26
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