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Exploring the Bangladesh Liberation War: A Study of Tahmima Anam's Select Novels

Author(s) Tiasola Aier
Country India
Abstract This paper attempts to enunciate the Liberation War of Bangladesh, its history, and the occurrence of the events that led to the War as present Bangladesh is essentially the outcome of the sacrifice, loss, and bloodshed of millions of people involved in the war of 1971. It marked the creation of two nations separating East Pakistan from West Pakistan and forming a new nation called Bangladesh on 16th December 1971. The East Pakistanis wanted to preserve their culture, ethnicity, and identity as Bengali Muslims which was not possible in United Pakistan and this led to the Liberation War of Bangladesh. The 1971 war has a great impact on the creation of an independent identity for the Bangladeshi people. The stance for an independent national identity created the zeal to fight for their rights and self-recognition. The effects of war have always been engraved on the minds of the survivors as it is engulfed with human suffering, emotions, and violence. The paper will explore the Liberation War of Bangladesh, the struggle, pain, and hardship portrayed through the characters in Tahmima Anam’s select novels namely A Golden Age and The Good Muslim.
Keywords Bangladesh, History, Nation, Identity, Violence.
Field Arts
Published In Volume 6, Issue 3, May-June 2024
Published On 2024-05-26
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