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Study of ICT Based Learner Centered Approach for Teaching Learning of Science for Quality Education at Secondary Level

Country India
Abstract The problem under study is stated as: “STUDY OF ICT BASED LEARNER CENTERED APPROACH FOR TEACHING LEARNING OF SCIENCE FOR QUALITY EDUCATION AT SECONDARY LEVEL”. In today’s time, student and his learning has been the most important goal of education system of any country on this globe. Various approaches have been used till now and are being implemented in every school but still the effects are certainly not that better. Learner centered approach has been in terms of talk since 20th century, still we see devastating difference in the results every year. My topic basically emphasis on making the learning material ICT based as ICT and AI are the future of India in every field. Children have to be made equipped with the knowledge of ICT to make their learning more conducive, retentive and better results and learning oriented. Major use of ICT was witnessed using online classes due to Corona outbreak, and majorly id streamlined and planned well, can bring remarkable difference in the teaching learning system specially in the subjects like Science and Math. Though, this research has been done for secondary school students of sample size 120, researcher feels that the same approach can be introduced at elementary level or initial secondary stages so to bring fruitful results and provide students with experiential and heuristic learning leading to holistic development of the child. Keeping the present scenario and progressive growth of ICT, it has been realized that quality education may be imparted through ICT based learner centered approach. Keeping this view and to ensure the effectiveness of ICT, it is desirable to find out the effectiveness of ICT based learner centered approach for quality education in Science as ICT is playing a very important role in science teaching-learning process. The researcher having a science background feels that an attempt needs to be made through a study for enhancing the quality education in science using ICT based learner centered approach.

Present study is concerned with the development and implementation of learner centered teaching programme which can produce benefits viz, achievement and scientific attitude among students of grade X. Also in this study, investigator will find the effect of the ICT based teaching - learning programme on student’s achievement and development of scientific attitude needed for quality education in Science. Teacher is confined with only chalk & duster but on the other side has failed to make the subject interesting & innovating. We can bring a change and innovation in the classroom teaching in future. Science has given us many teaching aids & now time has come to present the real interactive and interesting environment in the classroom. This can only be possible when the teachers who are undergoing training at various educational colleges are made aware of use of ICT and various teaching aids leading to quality education. Pandemic situation has brought in lot of changes, thus, it is desirable to explore on ICT based learner centered approach which can effectively be/is used for effective teaching learning process.
Published In Volume 6, Issue 4, July-August 2024
Published On 2024-07-05
Cite This Study of ICT Based Learner Centered Approach for Teaching Learning of Science for Quality Education at Secondary Level - MEETANJALI BAGESHWAR - IJFMR Volume 6, Issue 4, July-August 2024. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2024.v06i04.24140
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