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Bangladesh-Pakistan Conflict: An Overview

Author(s) Dr. Aftabuddin Ahammad
Country India
Abstract The Bangladesh-Pakistan conflict, rooted in the events of 1971, marked a pivotal moment in South Asian history. The conflict emerged from deep-seated political, economic, and cultural disparities between East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (now Pakistan). Despites East Pakistan's larger population, political power was concentrated in West Pakistan, leading to widespread discontent.
In the 1970 general elections, the Awami League, led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, won a majority but was denied power, igniting demands for autonomy in East Pakistan. The situation escalated on March 25, 1971, when the Pakistani military launched Operation Searchlight, a brutal crackdown aimed at quelling the independence movement. This resulted in mass atrocities, including killings, rapes, and the displacement of millions.
The ensuing Bangladesh Liberation War saw the emergence of the Mukti Bahini (Liberation Army), with significant civilian support for independence. India's intervention, both in terms of support for the Mukti Bahini and direct military involvement, was crucial in the conflict's resolution.
The war ended with the surrender of Pakistani forces on December 16, 1971, leading to the creation of Bangladesh as an independent nation. The conflict caused extensive loss of life and destruction, leaving a legacy of strained Bangladesh-Pakistan relations and ongoing efforts to address the war's human rights violations.
Keywords 1. Introduction, 2. Historical Background, 3. Reasons Behind Bangladesh-Pakistan Conflict, 4. Consequences of Bangladesh-Pakistan Conflict, 5. Present Scenario, 6. U.N.O and Bangladesh-Pakistan Conflict, 7. Preset Perspectives, 8. Tentative Suggestions to Mitigate Bangladesh-Pakistan Conflict, 9. Future Prospects, 10. Summary/Conclusion
Field Sociology > Politics
Published In Volume 6, Issue 4, July-August 2024
Published On 2024-07-06
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