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Women Education in Mysore State by Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar

Country India
The mysore state one of the famous state which was developed the education systematically. The women education was well developed by the mysore none in the state till middle of 19th century , the beginnings were made by London Mission which was in 1840 established the first kannada school for girls. Very soon a girl’s school was opened by the Hindu at Bengaluru, for some time girls was obliged to study in boy’s schools, for want of separate institutions. Social prejudices were largely responsible for the slow growth of institutions, swhich numbered only 12 at the close of 1879-80. In the first year of the rendition, the maharani’s girls school at mysore was established, which remained under private management till 1891, when it was taken over by Government. It soon developed into a second grade college and was affiliated to the Madras University.
Keywords The progress is other directions was also marked and the number of girls institutions, both government and aided, which stood at 33in 1869-70, with a strength of 2071 pupils, increased to 294 with a total strength of 17093 at the close of 1910-11 and showed a further increase to 530 schools and 41035 pupils including those studying in boy’s schools, at the close of the ending with 1915-16. The number of pupils in the several grades of public institutions at the beginning of 1915-16 was 1 College ------------------------13 2 Secondary ----------------11059 3 Primary -------------------28430 4 Special Institutions ------ 329 The numbers of public institutions for girls has since showed a steady increase rising from 525 schools with a strength of 27959 in 1915-16 to 727 schools with a strength of 36866 at the close of 1921-22 some girls also attended boys school wherever there were no facilities byway of separate school for them either because their strength did not justify the opening of a school or for other reasons. The total number of girls under instruction in all kinds of schools was41035 in 1915-16 which rose to 53741 at the end of 1921-22. Of the 727 girls schools during 1921-22, 3 were English High Schools with the strength of 106 pupils, 1 kannada High school with the strength of 19 pupils, 13 Anglo – Vernacular School with the strength of 2205 pupils, 94 vernacular middle schools with a strength of 10651 pupils and 566 primary schools with a strength of 22451 pupils. The percentage of girls under instructions to the female population of school going age was 9.7 in 1915-16 and it rose to 12.46 in 1921-22.
Field Sociology > Archaeology / History
Published In Volume 6, Issue 4, July-August 2024
Published On 2024-07-07
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