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Analyzing Determinants of Loan Repayment Performance at Grameen Koota: A Comprehensive Study in Bangalore District

Author(s) Kiran K, Sureshramana Mayya
Country India
Abstract Microfinance institutions (MFIs) are pivotal in promoting financial inclusion by providing financial services to underbanked populations. This study investigates the key determinants influencing loan repayment performance at Grameen Koota, a leading MFI in the Bangalore district. Employing a comprehensive mixed-method approach, the research integrates quantitative analysis of loan repayment data from 50 borrowers with qualitative interviews involving 20 borrowers and five loan officers. The findings indicate that borrower income stability, financial literacy, loan size, and loan duration significantly affect repayment performance. Specifically, higher income stability and greater financial literacy correlate with better repayment rates, while smaller loan sizes and shorter loan durations enhance repayment performance. Qualitative insights emphasize the importance of solid borrower relationships with loan officers and community support systems in addressing repayment challenges. These relationships and support mechanisms are crucial for timely and successful loan repayment. This paper contributes valuable insights into the microfinance sector within the urban Bangalore context, adding to the limited research on repayment determinants in MFIs operating in urban Indian settings. The study suggests that implementing financial literacy programs, offering manageable loan sizes, and fostering robust borrower support systems can significantly improve loan repayment rates. The research highlights the need for MFIs to focus on borrower education and community engagement to enhance financial inclusion and sustainability. This comprehensive analysis of loan repayment performance at Grameen Koota offers practical recommendations for MFIs to improve their operational strategies and better serve their clients, ultimately contributing to the broader goal of financial inclusion and economic development.
Keywords Microfinance, Loan Repayment, Grameen Koota, Determinants, Bangalore, Financial Literacy, Income Stability.
Published In Volume 6, Issue 4, July-August 2024
Published On 2024-07-10
Cite This Analyzing Determinants of Loan Repayment Performance at Grameen Koota: A Comprehensive Study in Bangalore District - Kiran K, Sureshramana Mayya - IJFMR Volume 6, Issue 4, July-August 2024. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2024.v06i04.24400
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