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How Safe are the Human Rights of Migrants in Industries of Punjab – A Case Study Analysis in Economic and Legal Paradigm

Author(s) Dr. Brindpreet Kaur
Country India
Abstract The process of globalisation has encouraged greater inflow and outflow of factors and services across the borders and even within the regions. As a result, labour migration has increased more during the last two decades. Industries of almost all the states of India and more especially Punjab have become increasingly dependent on migrant workers. The benefits that accrue to the employers from the use of migrant workers have invariably raised the demand for such labour, for the purpose of increasing industrial production. Besides partially lowering the cost of production by way of low wage level, the use of such labour also enhances the scope and probability of greater labour exploitation, owing to the temporary status of employment offered to these labourers. In the process, the Human Rights of these migrant workers are also violated because at times, the employer even denies the labourers the basic amenities that must be provided to them in accordance with the provisions of the various labour laws. The present paper is an attempt to take an insight into the socio - economic conditions of the migratory workers employed in the industries of Punjab and also focus upon the extent to which the Human Rights of these workers are denied. The information is gathered by the use of Primary data, so as to facilitate an analysis from economic and legal dimensions, in the light of the provisions of the laws framed for the welfare of the migrant workers at the state as well as the national level.
Keywords Migrant Labour, Facilities, Human Rights, Violation
Field Arts
Published In Volume 4, Issue 1, January-February 2022
Published On 2022-01-28
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