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Unit Commitment By Modified Water Evaporation Optimization Algorithms

Author(s) R. Anandhakumar
Abstract The unit commitment problem is the determination of deciding on and off status of on line participating generating units. This paper presents a solution to the unit commitment problem using modified water evaporation optimization algorithm. The unit commitment problem involves determining the start-up and shut-down schedules for generating units to meet the forecasted demand at the minimum cost. The commitment schedule must satisfy the other constraints such as the generating limits, spinning reserve, minimum up and down time, ramp level and individual units.The proposed algorithm gives the committed units and economic load dispatch for each specific hour of operation. Numerical simulations were carried out on ten-generator thermal unit power systems over a 24 hour period. The produced schedule was compared with several other methods. The result demonstrated the accuracy of the proposed method.
Keywords Generation Scheduling, Unit Commitment, Water evaporation optimization
Field Physics > Energy
Published In Volume 1, Issue 2, September-October 2019
Published On 2019-10-22
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