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Spatial Analysis of Socio-Economic Development in Ghaziabad District

Country india
Abstract Abstract
Socio-economic development, encompassing diverse dimensions such as economic growth, education, health services, and more, constitutes a multifaceted phenomenon. This research paper explores the spatial analysis of socio-economic development in Ghaziabad District for 2020. The study employs a composite index approach, incorporating indicators from education, health, transportation and communication, electricity and drinking water, financial development, and agriculture sectors. By standardizing and categorizing various indicators, the research examines the distribution of development across different blocks within the district. The findings indicate varying levels of development across sectors and blocks, shedding light on the interconnectedness of agriculture and overall socio-economic progress.
Keywords socio-economic development, spatial analysis, Ghaziabad District, 2020, composite index, education, health, transportation, communication, electricity, drinking water, financial development, agriculture sectors, indicators, blocks, distribution, interconnectedness, progress.
Published In Volume 3, Issue 6, November-December 2021
Published On 2021-11-29
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