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Seed and Seed Certification Perspective in Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture Growth

Author(s) D. Nagaraju
Country India
Abstract Seed is an embryo, embedded in the food storage tissue, it is the most important and vital input for agricultural production. Seed Certification is a legally sanctioned system for quality control of seed multiplication and production for the Identification of new superior varieties, provision of supply of quality seeds by careful maintenance, designed to ensure physical and genetic purity, freedom from weed seeds and diseases with good germination ability of the certified seed. Certification of Seed shall be completed in six phases as follows Receipt and scrutiny of application, Verification of Seed Source, Field Inspection, Post harvest Supervision, Seed Sampling and Analysis, Label, tag, grant of Certification. The purpose of Seed Certification is to maintain high quality seeds and propagating materials, to ensure genetic purity, identity and make available to public, through Certification. The challenges confronting seed sector are now more than even before due to demand of quality seed of promising varieties to ensure food security. Therefore a good quality seed is the most basic and essential input .to provides food security for the future generations and to reach the sustainable agriculture growth and to end hunger.
Keywords Keywords: Agriculture, Certification, Food Security, Seed, Seed Acts, Sustainable Agriculture Growth,
Field Biology > Agriculture / Botany
Published In Volume 5, Issue 6, November-December 2023
Published On 2023-11-04
Cite This Seed and Seed Certification Perspective in Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture Growth - D. Nagaraju - IJFMR Volume 5, Issue 6, November-December 2023. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2023.v05i06.8413
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