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Social Networking in Education: Pros & Cons

Author(s) Dr. Jyoti Ahuja
Country India
Abstract In the twenty-first century, humankind has advanced in all aspect of existence. Everything comes from technology, which has given individuals access to a wide range of convenient living options. Social networking sites have evolved to refer to people who use the Internet and web applications for communication in the context of today's electronic media. This is mostly the outcome of a paradigm change in culture regarding the potential and applications of the internet. Social media has evolved over time to become a reliable and credible information source as well as a platform for businesses to engage with customers. It is no longer just about people interacting with one another and sharing photos. (Dlamini, 2019: Social Media's Place in Education) Starting out. Introducing social media into the classroom facilitates learning by giving students access to more relevant material and enabling them to interact with other students and educational systems.
Keywords Social Networking , Communication, Education
Published In Volume 3, Issue 6, November-December 2021
Published On 2021-11-11
Cite This Social Networking in Education: Pros & Cons - Dr. Jyoti Ahuja - IJFMR Volume 3, Issue 6, November-December 2021. DOI 10.36948/ijfmr.2021.v03i06.8553
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