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COVID-19 and its Impact on Financial Performance of Indian Industries

Author(s) Dr. Mukesh Singh Chandel
Country India
Abstract The introduction of the corona Virus has flashed an enormous impact on the full world economy. This has impacted a large number of people and because of this, the whole industry has decreased to a fall. As per WHO it was declared a Pandemic at the beginning of March 2020. The half-portion of the year 2019-20 has ended with six years’ lowest process rate of 4.7 percent. However initially it was expected that the industry will boom up in the next half-year, but the COVID cases were increasing at such a great pace that the increase in Economy and Expectation has become difficult and it was found to be impossible to gain it back. Besides the current challenges, the new challenges as introduced by Covid have made a big economic disruption and imbalance in the demand and supply equation, which contains a good possibility to off-road the economic vehicle. The covid was having an unbelievable impact on the economy of the whole world. The pandemic has driven the world toward adapting to the present circumstances no matter the business, sector, or industry. The coronavirus epidemic (COVID19) has affected the world economy and business industries. The study has been undertaken with the object of assessing the impact of Corona cases on various sectors including Business and Business Industries, its growth, and sustainability. Global sectors and industries are attempting to anchor themselves amidst the pandemic. The present paper concentrates more on the sectors which are broadly impacted because of this and strategies and responses that have been taken up by various countries to maintain their economical position good enough. This study concludes that the vital role of knowledge Technology and digitization supports the economies in their fight against the pandemic and helps them sustain themselves amid crises.
Keywords Pandemic, Business Industries, Economy, Technology, Education, Stock Market, Tourism.
Field Mathematics > Economy / Commerce
Published In Volume 4, Issue 2, March-April 2022
Published On 2022-04-27
Cite This COVID-19 and its Impact on Financial Performance of Indian Industries - Dr. Mukesh Singh Chandel - IJFMR Volume 4, Issue 2, March-April 2022. DOI 10.5281/zenodo.7178649
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