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Exploring Underbalance Drilling: A Comprehensive Review

Author(s) Gaurob Kalita
Country India
Abstract Underbalance Drilling (UBD) is an advanced drilling technique employed in oil and gas industry to improve well productivity and reduce formation damage. In conventional drilling, overbalance conditions are maintained in order to prevent the influx of formation fluids. In contrast, UBD involves maintaining a
hydrostatic pressure lower than the formation pressure during drilling operations. UBD offers several advantages, such as increasing drilling rates, reducing formation damage, improving wellbore stability. By preventing the flow of drilling fluids in to the formation, UBD reduces the risk of formation plugging
and improves the recovery of hydrocarbons. This technique is particularly beneficial for depleted reservoirs or formations prone to lost circulation problems. Despite its advantages, proper planning and execution are essential for UBD to manage the associated risks, such as wellbore stability challenges and the potential for unexpected influx of formation fluids. UBD involves the use of specialized equipment such as BOPs, RCDs to manage the hydrostatic pressure of well and control the influx of formation fluids.
In conclusion, a comprehensive understanding of UBD is essential for maximizing hydrocarbon recovery alongside a commitment to operational safety and environmental sustainability in the ever- changing landscape of the oil and gas industries.
Keywords Underbalance drilling, Formation Fluids, Hydrocarbons, BOP, RCD
Field Engineering
Published In Volume 5, Issue 6, November-December 2023
Published On 2023-11-16
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